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We have been informed by PayPal that we must release a refund for orders made before 15th of May since the delivery schedule exceeds 20 days from the day the affected Pre-Order was placed in our system. Important to know, we are still on schedule with our planned delivery in June. PayPal did not inform us prior that we will need to ship within 20 days after a Pre-Order is placed.

So what should you do?

1.) Wait for the refund and order cancellation confirmation message from our order system. We will hold the products for you in any case! There is no need to be concerned. The products you ordered remain yours!

2.) After your order was canceled in our system, please place a new Pre-Order and make your payment via secure Credit Card payment instead. You will still enjoy a full buyer protection from our Credit Card payment provider STRIPE.

We are deeply sorry  that we may have caused an inconvenience to you. However, your products remain reserved for you. As a thank you we would like to offer a COUPON code for placing a new order with us as a sign of our sincere appreciation for your loyalty. We have been trying intensively to find another solution with PayPal, however, at this point they show no flexibility. We will resume allowing PayPal payments for Pre-Orders by the end of this month.

Affected customers will be notified by Email within the next two days.


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Update: We will resume to accept PayPal payments by last week of May for any type of order, including Pre-Order. At current, PayPal remains unavailable for Pre-Order but remains available for a standard Order.

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