Supplier Invitation

Regular, reliable supply of quality health care products is of great essence for medial professionals, medical institutions and consumers alike. With today’s growing demand for quality products, the increased consumer awareness and transparency, driven by global health scares, it is essential for SANIAID® to build a stable and sustainable supply chain network. At SANIAID® we strive to provide a high level of product availability to our clients.

Preparedness is our credo

We sincerely seek new supplier relationships. In order to ease current supply and demand challenges, we sincerely invite new, quality product suppliers of sanitary products such as disposable masks, gloves, surgical masks and disinfection products to partner with us. Kindly contact our purchasing unit by selecting the respective message subject from the contact form. We are looking forward to your offer.

We would like to emphasize that we have a no-compromise and no-tolerance policy concerning quality and compliance. Your products must meet FDA and EN standards accompanied with relevant documentation. Our clients demand and deserve products of highest standards, it is our brands core value and promise.

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