SANIAID® Product Line

SANIAID® is announcing its new product line of “Genuine quality personal medical devices made in Japan. Meeting international quality standards. Tested based on EN14683-2019. NIOSH-Approved in the USA. All SANIAID® products are available in two size options, for children (small) and adults.”

We took matters into our hands, created a complete new medical device product series. The product line is produced exclusively in Japan in an ISO 13485:2016 certified production facility to ensure trusted, reliable, quality products, safeguarding its users against fraudulent products of low quality.  Our credo and utmost effort is to protect our products users against health scares. We do this with focused devotion on product quality and product safety while maintaining adequate price positioning. SANIAID® is built on products you can trust.

The SANIAID® product line has been created without compromise in terms of quality, certification, approvals and safety, following our strict business ethics and best business practices. Available from May 2020.  Product details are available here.

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