SANIAID® EN Type II and IIR Pre-Order

Both, Type II and Type IIR surgical masks for children and adults based on EN14683-2019 are available for pre-order with a limited quantity allocation per order, starting from 16th of April 2020.  The delivery of the pre-order items is scheduled for the first week of June 2020. The current production run is limited to 1.8 Million masks, hence availability is limited due to the continued shortage of protective medical products. We would like to emphasize that all our products are exclusively produced in Japan and are compliant with all relevant international quality and safety standards. Please refer to the product line overview page.

Our Type II and Type IIR surgical masks designed for children (small type) have a specific feature to protect the child from injury during play as well as to protect the mask itself against damage caused by the steel wire from the nosepiece. The SANIAID® mask for children makes use of a special nosepiece material composition which allows a proper, consistent fit against the child’s nose while reducing the risk of injury during child-play. The N95 small type respirator however needs to maintain the steel wire due to NIOSH requirements.


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