N95 NIOSH-Approved Respirator Bulk Order

The SANIAID® N95 NIOSH-Approved and FDA Cleared Respirator is available for bulk ordering for clinics and the general medical community in Hong Kong. Each carton contains six (6) retail boxes with 50x N95 NIOSH-Approved Respirators each. The total number of N95 NIOSH-Approved Respirator is 300 per each carton.


The SANIAID® N95 Respirator is NIOSH-Approved and FDA Cleared. Approvals are available on the NIOSH website for “NIOSH-Approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators” [LINK]. FDA clearance has been granted as well.



The SANIAID® N95 series is designed as a pleated type without the need for an exhalation valve. This unique design prevents against negative filtration effects caused from a defective valve. Please contact us for further bulk order enquirers.


N95 Bulk Order


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