Child Protection Is Everyone’s Responsibility

School is resuming for pupils in areas where COVID-19 cases indicate a gradual improvement of new infections. While this is a very positive development, especially for our children being able to regain access to a proper learning environment, able to interact directly with fellow students and teachers, it remains a key challenge to protect pupils against the potential risks likewise.

While there is a need to push forward in relaxing restrictions and school closures as a consequence from COVID-19, parents shall remain vigilant in insuring that their children are protected while resuming a somewhat normalized education.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Vulnerable Children – Child Protection Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Science remains divided concerning the effects COVID-19 may have on the young ones, especially driven by mysterious cases and symptoms reported globally. It has been reported that some affected kids are having symptoms caused by inflammation throughout the body, sometimes several weeks after they were infected with the virus. Medical professionals, doctors and scientists are trying to find out how these symptoms are related to the coronavirus infection. They are investigating cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) associated with COVID-19.

SANIAID® products help to support parents to protect their children until the medical science has established guidelines to ensure the safety of the young as well as until a widely made available vaccine has been developed and released for safe use.


Masks for Children


For more information regarding Caring for Children during COVID-19 we recommend these resources:

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